Valentines Day Present : What Women Want

Women love this holiday. As a man I have trouble finding that right present for the woman of my dreams. I have found that my wife (the woman of my dreams) loves the pampering itself. I have bought roses, and candy all great gifts but she gets that every year. Because of the consistant buying of the roses on Valentines Day I don’t think it means as much to her. Switching it up though gives her that smile and that glow in witch I have been looking for.Valentines Day

Over the years I have found that my loved one wants something different. All though your traditional Valentines Day gifts are great and women love them. I am going to show you how to get that excitment back into Valentines Day. HEY GUYS this stuff really works. Change it up and get her something she don’t expect. This is how I got my love to realize that I am after her heart.

I have been changing it up on Valentines Day for about 10 yrs now. My love knows that I have a great deal of love to give her and she knows this because of this one certain day that I break all the underlined rules. I am going to share with you some of my great finds and stories that have floored her making Valentines Day the best Day for my Love. She is always excited to see how far I have looked into her heart to find that special product to make her say, He really thought this out, He knows me, He thinks of me, He loves me.

Valentines Day With My Love

Last year I was running around looking for that special gift. I went from store to store looking for that gift that says I LOVE YOU. Well I found all kinds of gifts in that isle just for Valentines Day. So these items to me where not unique and Didn’t say I know you. After being on the run looking for that special gift, I was searching around the internet and hit a couple gold mines. These products screamed I LOVE YOU.

 Artisan soaps, Butter bombs and more.

Island Citrus Collection - Valentines Day

Island Citrus Collection

Valentines Day - Orange Honey Blossom Artisan Soap

Orange Honey Blossom Artisan Soap

First of all I landed on a site that has the best smelling soaps that any one can buy. I know my love likes to take her bubble baths, and also loves to smell good. She is always buying soaps and cremes that rejuvenate her skin. Skin care products are one of those items you can get your love and not go wrong. Furthermore I purchased a couple of Artisan soaps that she absolutely loved. I got her the a Orange Honey Blossom soap that she loved. It smelled fabulous and made her skin so soft. Now we are shopping there all the time. I scored on this one BIG TIME.            GO HERE TO SHOP

Women Love Memories

So after I had got done with my great find on Artisan soaps, I figured I would get a little bit creative. We were sitting around the fire place one day (drinking some Fine Wine) and we were looking threw some pictures, talking about the memories behind them. Something went off in my head that said She needs something to make these memories fall into place. Why not a scrapbook that she can create on her own. I didn’t want to get her something that she didn’t like so I did some research. I had fell onto this amazing program that she still uses all the time. Scrap Booking was a great find.

This program got her started on putting those great moments to life. She started making her own scrap book with this program. Guess What? Valentines Day was apart of this scrapbook she made. With 500 scrapbooking sketches she had somewhere to start. Also giving her direction on how to put it all together. No matter whether she is a traditional or a digital scrapbooker, you can start using these designs straight away. This was a great Valentines Day present for my love, So if you think your love would like this GO HERE to learn more.

The Things You Will Both Love

Valentines DayWhen Valentines Day is running down and you have melted her heart. Its time for the passion of the love you share with one another. My love and I sit around the fire place and have us a glass of Fine Wine as we cuddle up to each other. This is the best time for us as we show one another the passion and the love we share. The Valentines Day gifts I get her each and every year are your traditional things. I usually start out with the roses as she wakes up. When the time is right I give her the gifts that I have purchased for her.

Valentines DayAs we move into the night, drinking our Fine Wine ( the best wines from around the globe ) She will break out the outfit she purchased to wear for me. She has used her Artisan soap and now looking all so sexy. With her soft skin and beautiful lips she shows me the outfit she is wearing that night. Almost every man I know loves to see his love in some classy lingerie. Whether she buys it or you buy it you will see the sexy woman that you fell in love with. My love shops all year round and is always surprising me with this sexy clothing. She goes HERE and saves money for great products also getting regular clothes and handbags from here. Go Here and save up to 80% on Valentines Day sale!