Rory Ricord Scam or Not

Rory Ricord Scam Or Not

Tscam- rory ricord scamhere is a lot of talk about Rory Ricord being a scam. Here on this page I will be reviewing and giving you my thoughts on this Rory Ricord scam. First of all people join this program thinking they are going to be rich tomorrow. Well this is not a get rich overnight program. This is a make residual income for a life time. Upon signing up with the Rory Ricord program there is a fee to get you started with some amazing offers already on your site. There is also another fee every three months to keep your site. These fees are to keep your site in tip top shape (Maintenance free). So lets get to it.

Rory Ricord Scam

work from home - rory ricord scamLets start with the site its self. When getting your site You will be receiving a online shopping mall that has been designed by Rory Ricord and his colleagues. These sites have a small domain name making it easy to index. They have offers already on the site so you can get started at a quicker pace than a new site with nothing on it. You will have to change the links and change the text up to 30%. If you was to start a new site you would have to start from scratch therefore taking a lot more time and money. Just by changing the links you can start posting on free sites gaining momentum and some cash. While you are making a little income you can be making you own unique pages to get paid even more.

The sites are very clean and have great flow to them. They are sites are always updating to make the user experience better and better. When I go shopping online I want a site that is not cluttered and has easy flow also with great products. THESE SITES HAVE THAT!

To me a scam is when you give out money and get nothing in return. Well you get a site, with offers already on it, maintenance free, with all the plugins needed. If you want to start a new site go ahead and pay thousands of dollars. Spend your time writing text and getting links. All while you pay for plugins and maintenance also spending valuable time and money.

Rory Ricord Scam ( The Mentors )

help - rory ricord scamI have seen talk ( Rory Ricord Scam) about the mentors being rude and only there to sell you into other programs. This is very untrue, As I have worked with my mentor and she is always there to help. If there is a rude mentor out there they probably are not going to succeed at the business opportunity that Rory has given them. The mentors are there to help you on your path to success.

They work on there free time and will. With that they will send you offers that have been proven to work and create residual income. I have seen where people have said “they are only trying to sell you something” so does the free stuff count. My mentor gave me a great opportunity with a Bitcoin minerIt was free to sign up and didn’t cost me a thing. The fact is I am making money with this program as I am writing this page. Finally, I think the mentors do a fabulous job and go far beyond my expectations.

Rory Ricord Scam ( The Program )

When you join the Rory Ricord Program, not only do you get an amazing website and a mentor. You will also be getting easy step by step training with a system that works. Easy to follow instructions with videos in witch makes it very easy to get started. These videos are preformed by Rory himself. When watching these videos you will see the passion that Rory has. Rory Ricord is always working and coming up with new things to keep up to date with the online market. Once that it is proven that the offers work, he releases it to all of his followers. How many scammers you know that put their own name on their product?

My Point Of View

Rory Ricord Scam Or Not? No it is not! I have over 6 months with this program. I see my income growing each and every month also giving me more time for my family. So to all those haters you go ahead and say Rory Ricord Scam as I sit back and make money. This is a business of mine and I love it. I work when I want. What is not to like about that. These people that say the scam word are more than likely with another program trying to suck you in to their scam. They probaly joined the program and didn’t want to do any work. This is not a get rich quick program! This is a system that can build a life of income. With the more work you do the benefits will grow. Making money while you sleep.

If you would like to have your own business and make some extra cash, possibly making a income to where you can quite your job, save for retirement, or just make life easier. Join us here at Rory Ricord.



“I’ve had my own business with the mentoring and online education with for the last year and three months.  It was an education that I sorely needed.  Not only to learn how to do more than just email, but also how to become a business person in my mind and attitude.  I’ve worked for people all my life and been a really good worker. But, I needed to learn to work for myself and believe I could be successful.  That was actually the hardest part.  Rory and his online marketing system with mentor help is a God send.  I’m making money now. I’m not technological at all. I’ve had so much to learn, but I’m learning it.  This company and all the people in it have the patience of saints.”

Toni Thomas


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