If you’re sitting there racking your brains out and your pulse is pounding
because you’re about to text a girl you want to see again, then…

7 things you MUST know before you text a girl if you want ANY chance of her responding…

You've Got Her Number - Now Don't Screw It Up When You're This Close! If You Want Her To Pick YOU Out of All The Guys Who Text That Girl, Follow My SIMPLE Instructions, And She'll Be Eating Out Of The Palm Of Your Hand!


Hey man,

When she gave you her number, she knew that it wasn’t a binding contract to see you again. It was just another chance to prove yourself to her.

And if you screw up in your texting, then all the work you’ve put in up to now could easily be ruined (even if you’ve already got one good date under the belt)!

But that’s ok, because I’m about to fill you in on sending her the exact texts that will make her laugh, flirt, and even get turned on…

My name is Race dePriest, and if you’re like thousands of other guys who find texting a girl to be annoying, confusing, or downright frustrating, then I want you to know two things.

  • I’ve been there, and man, do I feel you!
  • Today is a good day, and your problems are finally over!

That’s because you’re on the verge of discovering my Award-Winning program about how to be a texting ROCKSTAR.

To Text and Phone Game

Download the Text That Girl Ebook

TEXT THAT GIRL! is the result of FIVE YEARS of my life and THOUSANDS of text messages that were meticulously catalogued, tested, and refined.

It is the program that has helped thousands of men go from absolutely hating text messaging, to finding it one of the most exciting things about dating.

TEXT THAT GIRL! is a massive compendium and multimedia course that is full of all of my best text messages, the unique style I’m going to bless you to learn, and so much more. It’s all online, instantly accessible, and you’ll have access to it forever. My promises, when you buy TEXT THAT GIRL!:

  • If you can get a number, you can get a date –
  • If the number has gone cold, you can turn it around – GUARANTEED
  • It turns “no” and “maybe” into “yes” –
  • It takes women from ‘tentative’ to ‘definite’ –

In short, I can say with 100% certainty that with my system, you will become such a text messaging virtuoso that you will never give a second thought to your texts, ever again.

You’ll have the same feeling that an expert marksmen has when he lines up his target, takes the shot, and knows it’s a bullseye before it even hits the target.

Girls will be blowing up your phone – your buddies will be DYING to see the crazy things that girls are telling you… the secrets they’re divulging to you…

… and before you know it, you’ll be the “go-to guy” when one of your friends absolutely, positively needs to get it right with some girl.

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