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   Where do I start!

So, you must be interested in trying a hydroponic alternative to traditional soil and weed gardening… or you wouldn’t be here.

You can’t beat hydroponics therefore when it comes to providing your family (and the neighbors) with the hydroponiccleanest, tastiest, most nutritious produce ever. All with no back-breaking tilling, hoeing, lifting heavy bags of soil enrichments, or baking in the sun while you pull all those… infernal weeds…

I know you love the taste of home-grown veggies. So let’s give hydroponics gardening a try.

If you’ve been doing your homework, you are probably on information overload by now.

  • Which hydroponics system should I use?
  • Where should I put this thing?
  • Also Which plants are good for hydroponics?
  • How do I get started cheaply?
  • Is it hard to maintain a hydroponics setup?
  • Is it worth all the bother?

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Where to start? Choosing the right system is the first step, and you’ve come to the right place for help. In this e-book, we provide superb hydroponic plans for 4 of the easiest, cheapest, simplest to build and maintain hydroponics setups out there.

In this comprehensive gardening e-book, you’ll discover…

  • The quickest, easiest hydroponics system to build. You can get started in hours rather than days and the system is built from common materials so you can save money.
  • 5 ways you can get started in hydroponics on a pauper’s budget. You don’t have to get the most complex system to get incredible results. There are 2 plans that can be built out of common materials you may already have because almost everyone lives on a budget.. You can get the rest at Home Depot.
  • Which crops to grow and which to stay away from. You can grow just about anything with hydroponics, but some plants will take over, stealing light and space from smaller plants. Here you’ll learn which plants are the smartest, easiest… and tastiest.

We take you step-by-step through the decision process until it becomes clear which Hydro food factory will be perfect for you:

  • A simple yet dependable Ebb & Flow Tray Farm… Classic hydroponics at its best
  • A super-charged Top-drip Dutch Bucket Garden… Low maintenance, top production
  • A clean and fun Deep Water Lettuce Raft system… A must for salad lovers
  • An automated Autopots Farm… Perfect for the lazy gardener or frequent vacationer. So you can enjoy your time with no worries.
  • Bonus: The plans for our sturdy and versatile HydroPad PVC Stand… Quickly adapts to any Hydro system while also making it easy to tend too.

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