About Mom, Dad And Me

Fishing with Dad, Eating healthy with mom

My name is Jered and this is a site I made a few months ago. With the help of Rory Ricord.


As a child I grew up in New Carlisle. Ohio. This is a small community outside of Dayton. ThereNew Carlisle, Ohio- mom and dad is a little over 5,500 people reside here. This little town was incorporated in 1831. On June 21, 1933, the infamous John Dillinger committed his first bank robbery, taking $10,000 from the New Carlisle National Bank, which occupied the building which still stands at the southeast corner of Main Street and Jefferson Street (state routes 235 and 571) in New Carlisle.


Fishing With Dad

As a fishing with dad- mom and dadkid my dad and I always went to Indiana to go fishing. I love to go fishing to this day. Its fun and also relaxing to me. When I was about 7 I learned how to fly fish. This style of fishing just wasn’t for me. Its not as relaxing to me, but I have been successful at this style and have caught plenty of fish. I always looked forward to every summer because I loved going fishing with him. As we got older we stopped going due to his health, but I still go and still have a great time. I remember all those little tricks he had showed me. I still use those tricks to this day.

Number 1 Mom

My mom is simply the best there is (to me). She is very loving and caring to all that’s aroundHealthy foods with mom- mom and dad her. As I was growing up my mom would always have dinner on the table. I was very hyper active and caused her a lot of grief. So she had to change my diet because of my condition. The things I had for snacks and dinner was a little different than my brother and sister. They always got the good stuff (chuckle). I had to eat healthy foods and snacks. I didn’t like that at the time. But these healthy foods and snacks worked. So after a few days on this diet it settled me down. This also allowed me to concentrate and do better in school. The trouble she went threw and the changes we went threw all worked out for the best. That’s why she is the number 1 mom.

So spend as much time with your parents because you never know when you might lose out on that quality time.

The end

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