Right sized makeup

Get the right sized makeup at a great price!! For your lips we offer lipsticks, lip rouge, andRight sized makeup lip gloss. Also for your beautiful eyes we carry eye liners, eye palettes, and mascara. For your lovely face creaseless concealer, powder and more. Furthermore get all these items at a great price. Make it easy to carry your makeup around. Our makeup is easy to conceal and carry. Why carry around that big, bulky makeup bag? Make it smaller and check out our products.


Right Sized Makeup

Our product formulas are simple, refined, clean, and hardworking, also eliminating any guesswork and offering just beautiful solutions. They are packaged in a thoughtful, minimalist, and portable way — because you are busy and are doing big things. Stowaway therefore knows that if you’re on-the-move, your beauty products are too. The right sized makeup is easy to carry and conceal.



Our Challenge

It costs the same amount to make a “right sized” mascara as a “too-large-to-finish” mascara. The reason big brands and conglomerates sell bulk cosmetics is simple: they want to sell the items with the highest markups and the best margins for them and their retail partners. We founded Stowaway simply because no one else in the industry has an incentive to sell smaller items. Everyone else manufactures makeup to sell at the highest markup, even if it isn’t convenient for you.

We think that’s unfair to the consumer. We know if we provide a product you love in sizes you can finish by offering “right-sized”, premium products at an affordable price you will come back again and again. That’s why we keep our line-up simple. No gimmicks, tricks or impossible trends. Just products you will love, carry, & finish.  So you finally have makeup you love in sizes you can carry, and finish, because when was the last time you finished an entire lipstick?


Our Products

We have all experienced overflowing dirty makeup bag of half used expired products. Our job is to eliminate that frustrating and wasteful experience. Everything we make is also EU compliant. That means clean products with safe ingredients that you can feel comfortable using (even if your little one decides to play dress up with it!).  All our formulations are made in the top factories in the world alongside brands you already know and love. Our formulations are designed to be high performance with ingredients you can trust like hyaluronic acid, coconut oil and vitamin e.


Our Team

We are a group of women (and a few men) dedicated to helping make women’s lives easier. Decision fatigue impacts women more than men and we know that. So our job is to help you reduce the impact of feeling your best with products that fit into your routine and your purse.



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