Princess Leia Costume: Star Wars Beautiful Princess

Princess Leia Costume

princess leia costumePrincess Leia, The Star Wars character of beauty and essences. With this Princess Leia costume be a part of the Star Wars era. The Princess Leia costume includes dress, belt and wig and is also made of 100% cotton. And because of its great quality and looks it is a Officially licensed Star Wars costume. Whether your dressing up for Halloween or just playing the role, this is a amazing Princess Leia costume that you will look fabulous in. 



Princess Leia Costume (slave uniform):

princess leia costumeLook sexy, feel sexy, and be amazed with a suductive Princess Leia uniform. Be his slave for the night but make him bow down to you. It is made of polyester and spanex so that it hugs your body. it comes with a seductive bikini top with golden wavy decoration at the front also a  erogenous collar with attached leash; long maxi skirt and soft panties for highlighting your alluring boobs and beautiful leg curve. This princess Leia costume will drive the guys wild as you show off your body as she did hers in Star Wars.               Go here 


Princess Leia

Princess Leia was a fictional character that played in the all time great movie Star Wars. She was the princess of the planet Alderaan. The planet was furthermore blown up by the Death Star. She made her first appearance in Star Wars in 1977. She is a member of Imperial Senate and also worked closely with the Rebel Alliance. With her help the alliance will take down the all so destructive Death Star.

Princess leia is daughter of Padmé Amidala (Princess of Theed and later Queen of Naboo). Sheprincess leia costume lost her life after the birth of the twins Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker. Soon finding out their Father is famous villain icon Darth Vader. Padmé Amidala and Anakin Skywalker (Darth Vader) was secretly married at this time.

Leia will fall in love with Han Solo and furthermore have 3 chidren with him. Han is the owner of the Millennium Falcon (spaceship)Hans transports Obi-Wan Kenobi, C-3PO, and R2-D2 and also Luke Skywalker to the planet Alderaan. When arriving to Alderaan (After escaping the stormtroopers attack) they find it has been destoyed. As the Millennium Falcon was captured and held in the Death Star Han and the others hideout in the Falcon. As they infiltrate The Death Star they will find out that Princess Leia has been captured Furthermore saving her. Then later on is the making of Leia’s and Hans love for each other. Watch all the Star Wars movies for they are some of the greatest movies released.



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