Michael Myers Costume

Michael Myers costume

Michael Myers costumeMichael Myers costume KnifeWhat is Halloween without Michael myers. Michael was one of the scariest characters from the movie Halloween. Be this physco on that scary night of Halloween with this costume. This Michael Myers costume is made of 100% polyester. You will recieve a blue jumpsuit with mask. To complete this Michael Myers costume you will also need the knife he is known to use on his victims. If your like me and like all those old scary characters, You will love this michael Myers costume.

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Halloween Icon Michael Myers

Beware on Halloween for you might be stalked by Michael Myers. He was born in the little town of Haddonfield located in Illinois. In the original film Halloween, he murdered his oldest sister the night of Halloween. At this time he was only at the age of 6. This furthermore leads to him being put in the Smith’s Grove Mental Hospital. On October 30th he escapes and heads back home.

Michael Myers costumeMichael is now at the age of 21 when he escapes the mental hospital. Because he spared his little sisters life he begins to look for her. The killing of two of her friends on his mission to find her. He never was able to track her down and kill her that night.

For the next 24 years Michael kills and kills mostly people connected to the Myers family. At this time Michael also believes that his little Michael Myers costumesister has died in a fatal car crash. But after several years go by Michael realizes that his little sister (Laurie) is not dead. In the twentieth anniversary of his original encounter with her (Halloween H20) Laurie escapes him once again. Leaving her to believe that Michael has been finished. After 4 years go by Michael returns furthermore killing his baby sister Laurie. No one knows what happened to Michael after Halloween Resurrection. So now scare all the people around and make them believe you him with the Michael Myers costume.



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