The Dark Knight Adult Batman Costume

Batman Costume

Batman is a iconic superhero that most kids dreamed of being one day. With this batman Batman costumecostume be that superhero for that night. This batman costume is made of 100% polyester. You will receive a printed fiber filled jumpsuit that comes with attached boot cover and attached Gauntlets with removable cape & mask. With many sizes available for men and women. So GO HERE FOR THE BATMAN COSTUME.

Batman costume maskIf you just need the Batman costume mask its available here. The Batman mask is available for adults also teens. This batman costume mask is officially licensed Batman v Superman: dawn of justice costume accessory. You are never to old to have fun dressing up. GO HERE FOR THE MASK.


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Batman the all time superhero

Batman is a all american superhero appearing in DC comic books. This Caped Crusader made Batman costumehis first appearance in 1939. After seeing the murder of his parents, he swore vengeance against criminals. Bruce Wayne (also known as Batman) trains himself physically to become the batman we all know. Since Batman has no superhero powers he therefore uses his genius intellect, physical prowess, and martial arts abilities. He also uses his detective skills, science and technology, vast wealth, intimidation, and also indomitable will. As Batman is supported by characters such as his butler(Alfred), police commissioner Gordon, and vigilante Robin. Batman works out off the fictional city Gothem.

Batman’s costume is bullet proof and fire resistant. It also consist of night-vision technology and communications arrays furthermore allowing him to find the criminals with no problem. His utility belt has a variety of non-leathal crime fighting gear. His headquarters is a series of caves located beneath his personal residence. This is also accessible for his butler Alfred. Batman has the coolest car also known as the Batmobile. All these cool gadgets is what makes batman the all american superhero.

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